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Selling products online is a multi-billion dollar industry. Many new business owners, entrepreneurs and even those just wanting to make a little more money will start to consider how to find products to sell online. Should I sell stuff from my home that I don't want? Do I just look online and find some wholesalers of products I like and try to sell those? Selling products online is often advertised as one of the easiest ways to earn money. I'm sure you've seen the ads "make money fast on EBay, Craigslist, Amazon" and etc. It's natural to get caught up in the hype and dive hopefully into your own online business. While it is true you can be successful selling products online and in some cases, *very successful* it doesn't mean you can simply try to sell any product you want and expect to make guaranteed money. Two very important aspects of selling online are picking the RIGHT kinds of products to start selling and knowing where to find those products.

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1. Picking the Right Products to Sell Online

The most common mistake made by internet sellers just breaking into selling products is thinking they have to pick products they know a lot about or products they have a real *passion* or expertise on; and that's simply not true. More often than not, trying to sell a product based on what you think might be a good idea will greatly decrease your chance of success. Why? Because when you sell online you are selling in an actual retail environment. An online business is a real business and real businesses do not become successful based on assumptions, guesses and personal preferences. In the retail world, market research is the ONLY way to determine if you can compete as a new online store owner. You have to know how to determine whether or not the market you think you want to break into is a good idea or if it's a market that will cost you more money to compete in than you'll make on a limited startup budget.

For example, many new sellers often have a passion or 'expertise' for consumer electronic devices. They find a 'wholesaler' selling MP3 players, spend money to launch their new online store or auction listings and then months go by with no sales, no customers and completely confused as to why their new business is costing them a lot of money to run with no sales. What they don't realize is that they have entered a product market that consists of online sellers who buy in volume (which reduces their wholesale price, thus allowing them to offer cheaper prices than you can if you use a dropshipper) and, in highly competitive markets (which new sellers often pick when they don't do any market research) you end up going up against BIG retail companies with massive advertising budgets. New sellers who pick these mainstream products to sell online always fail because they just can't afford to keep up against the other seasoned sellers who dominate those markets online.

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2. How to Find Products to Sell Online

Let's put picking the 'right' products to sell aside and assume you have a good product idea but need to find it. When you look for products to sell online you need to find a 'renewable' source for those products. This is when you need to find a Wholesaler. Whether your goal is to use a Dropshipper or buy in volume, your goal as a retailer is to connect your business with a legitimate Wholesaler to ensure you get the best wholesale prices for that product and you'll have a constant source so you can sell that product again and again. It's very difficult to find real wholesalers on the internet because real wholesalers rarely ever advertise their business online. This might not sound true considering you've probably seen lots of ads for 'dropshippers' and wholesalers when you are trying to find products to sell online. But be forewarned, 99% of the ads you find online for Wholesalers and Dropshippers are NOT legitimate sources for finding products to sell; they are what are known as middlemen and are a big reason why most new sellers don't succeed.

Middlemen are companies who get in-between you (the online seller) and the real wholesaler. They claim to be the real wholesaler but they're lying. Their goal is to just get money from you for as long as they can until you eventually drop their 'service'. It's pretty insane but new sellers fall for it every day because they are trying to find products to sell in their new online business.

Keep this in mind when looking at Wholesalers:

1. A real wholesaler will NOT charge you a monthly fee.

2. A real wholesaler will NOT charge a setup fee.

When you try to find products to sell online and you find a "wholesaler" that's charging you any money...chances are they are fake and you will NOT be getting true wholesale prices. Without true wholesale pricing you can never compete selling products online. If you don't work with real wholesalers you won't be able to succeed as a new online retailer. Fortunately there are some places you can trust. If you're trying to find products to sell online you need real wholesalers that will work with new auction sellers and online store owners you can find thousands of genuine Product Wholesalers here: Find Products to Sell Online


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